Customizing Ideate ReNumber for Revit

Ideate ReNumber Rules Topics:

Creating Custom Rules

Custom Rules can be created by selecting “...” next to the rule name dropdown, as shown above.

To create a new Rule:

  1. Select the New… button
  2. Select from the list of Categories displayed. Only Categories that have elements displayed within the Active View will be available.
  3. Select Next >
  4. Give the new Rule a name. This is the name that will appear at the top of the drop-down list within the main dialog.  By default the Rule Name will match the Category selected.

    TIP: Add a "*" to make your favorite Rule first in the list. When Exporting this rule, it is recommended to exclude the “*” character from the Rule file name . 

  5. Next, set the values for the Target Parameter and (optional) Ignore Parameter.

Create custom rules in Ideate ReNumber

Target Parameter

The list of available parameters is based upon the text-based parameters defined in the project and assigned to the data Category of the Rule. For example, a Data Device Rule will have Comments and Mark as available choices, along with any other custom text-based parameters you have defined within the project.

Ignore Parameter

The Ignore Parameter is an optional Rule setting that can be used to ensure that certain elements are always ignored during a numbering process. The list of available parameters is limited to only those parameters that are of the "Yes/No" type. A Project parameter called "IgnoreInstance", for example, could be created as a "Yes/No" parameter
and used to ensure that certain Spaces are never included in numbering.  A Project or Family parameter called "IgnoreType", for example, could be used as a way to ensure that all access, elevator or bathroom partition doors are excluded from numbering.

If a Rule does not have an assigned "Ignore Parameter", then the elements can be manually ignored during a numbering process by selecting the "Element is ignored" checkbox within the Preview Results dialog. In this scenario, however, the setting is not retained and would need to be manually re-set for any future numbering task.

Next Step: Rule Value Definition

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