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What is Ideate Sticky
Ideate Sticky provides you with a live link to Excel (non-BIM) data inside of Revit; users can create and post Excel worksheet contents within the Revit project while matching the Excel table cell content, format, and style with highest possible fidelity and speed.

Does Ideate Sticky also work with Microsoft Word?
We wish the answer was yes, but it’s not. Ideate Sticky can only import Excel file formats because we are leveraging the Revit Schedule header object, which is somewhat Excel-like. We would love to add support for Word, but at present this is not possible given the constraints of Revit.

Does Ideate Sticky support multiple pages?
Unlike the Revit Schedule body, the Revit Schedule header cannot be split, per se. To manage multiple pages of Excel content you can create multiple Stickies. Refer to the Help file for more information on this topic.

What happens if my Microsoft Excel file changes?
Ideate Sticky remembers the location of the source Excel file and has the option to either manually or automatically update from that file.

When does Ideate Sticky pull a network license?
Ideate Sticky needs to run in the background in order to manage the auto-update functionality. Therefore, Ideate Sticky pulls a network license during a Revit session whenever a file is opened that contains a Sticky that has been set to Auto-update. The license remains held until there are no open projects that contain any auto-update Stickies. If the auto-update feature is not being used, then the license is held only while the Ideate Sticky dialog is open.


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