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FAQ — Top Technical Questions

How does the network licensing work for IdeateApps?
IdeateApps is a set of tools that utilize a single license. Each person that launches one of the tools within IdeateApps pulls a single network license which can access any one of the tools within IdeateApps.

Which Revit versions are supported?
IdeateApps is supported in current and three (3) previous Revit releases. Installers for older versions may be available, but are not supported nor developed any longer.

What options are available for training?
Each tool within IdeateApps comes with a Getting Started Guide within the in-product Help. Additionally our web-based help is extensive and covers many of the more detailed workflow questions within the “How To…” sections. Lastly, check out our Events page for free webinars on IdeateApps.

Can I replace my Revit Delete key with Ideate SmartDelete?
It is programmatically possible to replace Revit commands with custom programming, though we have not specifically enabled this functionality. We are providing instructions for implementing keyboard shortcuts to make it easier to increase corporate-wide usage of this tool.

Can I create my own Rules for use with Ideate ReNumber?
Yes, this tool is specifically setup to support the creation and deployment of corporate standard and/or project-specific naming and numbering rules.

Does Ideate QuickSelect stay open while interacting with Revit?
Yes, this tool lets you find and select element instances with the Revit model so that you can interact with Revit to make changes to the selected elements.

Does Ideate XRay resolve all visibility issues?
While Ideate XRay will review over (50) visibility issues, there will always be room for improvement. Related topic: Unresolved...