Setting Up the Workstations

Install Ideate Software 

After the license server is setup, the software will need to be installed on the local workstations. The current version can be found here. The "Trial" version will be installed and then activated as your network version. For the 2012 version network licensing was only available for version 2012.3. See also Setting Up the Deployment Installation

Launching Ideate Software 

Ideate Software installs to the Add-Ins tab within Revit. To access the software, open a new, blank project and then select the appropriate tool from the ribbon. The software can be launched with any view active EXCEPT for a perspective view.

Switching Between Standalone and Network Licensing

The licensing type is controlled separately for each Ideate software. Change the licensing type for the software you have network licenses for: Ideate BIMLink and/or Ideate Explorer. If you are using standalone licensing, each workstation will have to be activated separately. You can re-use your registration login, or create a new login for each user. The activation codes are version specific. They can be deactivated, allowing the license to then be used on another workstation. 

NOTE:  Switching to network licensing will not deactivate any activated standalone licenses. 

Setting the Server Path

From within your Ideate Software select 'Help' and then 'Ideate [Software] License'. This will display a dialog box that allows changing the licensing type between standalone and network. Changes made within this dialog are recorded in a text file called license.config. For all versions except 2013.0, this file is saved at:

 C:\ProgramData\Ideate\Ideate Software 2016\Ideate [software name]. 

For version 2013.0 the file is located in 

%appdata%\Ideate\Ideate Software 2013\Ideate [software name]. 

The values for the server names and license type (network or standalone) may also be edited manually within the license.config file. Ideate Software does not use environment variables to control the value of the License Server field. See also Setting Up the Deployment Installation for information about setting the path during deployment.

License borrowing has been enabled as of version 2013.2 of both Ideate Explorer and Ideate BIMLink and will be available after the network path is validated for the first time.

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