Setting Up the License Server

Steps to Setup the License Server

  1. Setup the Autodesk License Manager (FlexLM)*
  2. Obtain a license file from Ideate
  3. Configure licensing service within LMTOOLS
  4. Start the service
  5. Verify the service is running
  6. Create Windows Firewall exceptions

1.  Setup the Autodesk License Manager

The Autodesk License Manager (FlexLM) works with both Autodesk Revit and Ideate Software to manage floating network licenses. The preferred solution is to set up both licensing services on the same server if the customer is using Network licensed (multi user access) Revit, or Ideate Software licensing can be run by itself on a separate server. Information about setting up FlexLM (AKA LMTools) can be found here.

Download and install the latest License manager from here.

*If you are using a License Monitoring System please contact to determine if a separate lmgrd.exe should be set up.

 2.  Obtaining a license file 

If you do not already have a license file from Ideate for your software, you will need to acquire one. To do so please email the following information for each server that will host the network licenses for Ideate Software. This information can be found by checking the ‘system settings’ in LMTools on each server. 

Also include: 

You will receive an email in return with the license file attached. Copy the file to the appropriate server. We recommend that it be placed in the default C:\Autodesk\Network License Manager\Licenses.

3.  Configure the Ideate License Service 

In order for the LMTools utility to support Ideate Software licensing, the Ideate Software vendor daemon (ideate.exe) needs to be copied into the License Manager installation folder.

NOTE: Do not reuse an old Ideate.exe if you have updated LMTools to 11.13.1 or later!

Download Ideate Software vendor daemon from here: Ideate Vendor Daemon

After downloading the zip file, extract the contents and place both the ideate.exe (vendor daemon) and the ideate.log (log file) into the license manager installation folder, the one that contains the lmgrd.exe. By default, this is now C:\Autodesk\Network License Manager.

Ideate Vendor Daemon for IPv4 – Only use if you are sure you know what it does. Will NOT work with Autodesk license manager 11.13 or newer. An older vendor daemon for use with servers only capable of using the IPv4 protocol.

This video shows the steps for a typical license manager configuration:

For those that prefer screenshots and written instructions:

To configure the license service follow these steps: 

4.  Start the Service

5.  Verify Service is Running

To confirm that the set up was successful and that the expected number of licenses are being distributed follow these steps: 

6.Create Windows Firewall Exceptions

If you have the Windows or other type of firewall enabled on the server side, the workstations will not be able to access the licenses. You can either turn the firewall off, or create a firewall exception. Please note that exceptions for Ideate licensing are separate from Autodesk (Revit) licensing exceptions.

The server side setup is now finished.

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