Manage the Size of Sticky

The size of a Sticky is determined by the named regions defined within the associated Excel worksheet. Ideate Sticky will default to use the defined Print Area (which is a type of named region in Excel) if it is available.  Learn more about this in the Help topic: Set the Print Area   Once the Sticky has been created within Revit, it can be re-sized. Note that any changes to the size will be overwritten if the Sticky is updated (manually or automatically), so the recommended method of changing the size is to edit the Excel file itself.  

Within the Sample Files folder you can try these two Excel files that have been setup to fit the height of a typical imperial and metric Revit sheet:

Managing Multiple Pages

The Revit Schedule Header cannot be split, so to divide a single Excel worksheet into multiple Stickies,we recommend using Named Regions within Excel to define the size of each 'page' and then consider using the Excel function to repeat the rows along the top with each region.

To make a Named Region in Excel:

  1. Within Excel, use the mouse to select a number of cells as shown in the image below.  This is also known as a region.

  2. In the upper left corner edit the name of the selected region.  (You may also right-click on the mouse when the cells have been selected and select the Define Name option.) The region name cannot have any spaces.  These regions can later be modified in Excel from the Formulas tab> Defined Names> Name Manager.

Examples of multi-page Stickies can be seen within these Sample Files: ISB-Multi-Page_Spec.xls and ISB-Multi-page_Revisions-Fixed_Length.xlsx.

Repeat Rows at Top

Ideate Sticky will utilize Excel’s ability to include certain rows with every region or Print Area defined.  This is very useful when dealing with long documents.  To access this Excel function, go to the Page Setup tool and within the Sheet tab, specify a range such as $1:$5, to ensure that every page always includes these (5) rows.

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