Tips for Working with Ideate Query

How to Select More than One Property

Ideate Query supports displaying values for three different properties at once. After selecting the first property, hold the Ctrl button down while selecting the 2nd and third property. In this example of a Wall query there are three properties included: Wall Function, Type Name, and Room Bounding.

Export Results to Excel

The results of any query can be exported to Excel by using the Export Selected button and will automatically include the Element Id property. Sorting the results, in Excel by the Element Id property would reveal the order in which the elements were added to the project.  

Drag Column Headers to Re-Arrange

The column order can be re-arranged by dragging the column header to the desired location.

Select Column Headers to Re-Sort

Selecting the top of each column header will cause the column to be sorted lowest to highest. Selecting the column again will resort in the opposite direction.


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