Edit Key Schedule Data

Before editing Key Schedule data it is important to understand that Key Schedule data varies from regular schedule data in a few important ways.  Key Schedules automatically create a project-specific unique parameter that cannot be shared across categories OR across linked files.  For this reason Key Schedules cannot support the Save Link and Load Link functions, nor do they support the ability to include linked file data.  Lastly, Key Schedule data is inherently instance-based data, so a Key-base link cannot be converted into a type-based link.

  1.  Create a Key Schedule within Revit.
  2.  Launch Ideate BIMLink and select the From Schedule... button on the main dialog
  3. The list within the Schedule area will show any Schedule or Key Schedules. Key Schedules, by their nature are Instance-based, so the Type Link radio button will be unavailable.  Select Next > at the bottom of the New Links from Schedule dialog.

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