Manage Calculated Values within Tags

A 'Calculated Value' within a Revit Schedule can be used to modify existing parameter values through the use of mathematical (e.g. Volume / Area)  or conditional expressions (e.g. IF, THEN). Autodesk refers to these values not as parameters, but only as values.  As such, they have a unique and somewhat frustrating condition of not being able to be included within a Tag or referenced by other parameters and also explains why the value is not being exposed as a property available for export within Ideate BIMLink.  This means that any calculated value must exist exclusively within a Schedule environment OR the values from the calculation must be transcribed into a Shared Parameter (which CAN be added to Tag family).

Mapping Calculated Values onto a Shared Parameter

This data management challenge is one that Ideate BIMLink customers can easily resolve, through a couple of simple steps:

  1. Establish a shared parameter to hold the calculated value and to be placed in the tag.
  2. Create a Room or Area link.
  3. Edit the link to include any parameter(s) required in order to perform the calculation and include the shared parameter, defined above, as a placeholder for the calculated results..
  4. Export the data from Ideate BIMLink.
  5. In Excel, create the formula needed with the Shared Parameter column and then copy down for all rows of data.
  6. Import the results back into Revit.  The values will now display within the Tags.

Try with sample dataset.

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