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What's New with Ideate BIMLink

The latest improvements to Ideate BIMLink include features that are added to our 2015, 2016, and 2017 versions. As always, our updates, or 'point' releases (e.g. 2016.2) are included with your original purchase of that same base version (e.g. Revit 2016). Questions on upgrading to the next version (e.g. 2015>2016 or 2016>2017) should be directed to

See below for a summary of some of the latest improvements or check out our YouTube What's New playlist.

General Improvements

Easier to Use

Quality Control Enhancements

We have added new properties and data categories to support enhanced workflows related to Quality Control.  

While not in the Quality Control folder, you should also be aware of a 2017-specific change to the Text-Spell_Check link. This link filters out formatted text (bullets, etc) ensuring that only non-formatted text can be bulk edited.

New Content

We've received additional requests for access to some discipline specific data categories and parameters/properties. Here are some of the highlights - make the most of this new data!

For Architects & Designers

For M/E/P Engineers

For Structural Engineers

For Construction and Virtual Design

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