Include the Linked File Room Number

When large Revit projects are split into multiple files, quite often the Room or Space elements end up existing within a linked Revit file. while the parent file may contain other elements such as Doors, Fixtures, Equipment, Lighting etc. exist.  This condition unfortunately results in Revit losing the ability to report on the Room or Space data when scheduling elements that exist within the parent file.

This lack of information will not deter Ideate ReNumber!

With Ideate ReNumber, elements that exist within the parent file can easily be numbered based on the Room or Space number found within a linked file. This functionality was added to Ideate ReNumber with the May 2017 release of IdeateApps.

To take advantage of this functionality, all you need to do is ensure that you are using a Rule that specifies whether you are looking at the Room or Space data. Ideate ReNumber will then determine which file the data lives in, and use that to populate your element with a new number.  For example, the out-of-the-box sample Rule called “Lighting” is designed to automate Lighting Fixture numbering based on the Space Number as shown:

Automate Lighting numbers based on the Space number

However, you can also import a Rule from the Bonus folder called “Lighting — Room”. This Rule references the Room Number field as shown:

Lighting Fixtures numbered by Room

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