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Structural Engineers Benefit from Ideate’s Revit Structure Add-In Tool

Ideate Sticky was developed specifically to help the Revit community connect Building Information Model (BIM) data and valuable non-BIM data with ease, speed, and precision. Structural engineers can connect and format non-BIM data from Excel files into a Revit Structure project. The results of using our Revit add-in tool: fast and accurate editing powers, along with the ability to format data beautifully.

Continue to use tried and true Excel content.

Publish Starting Views to all Revit files at once.

Publish manufacturer-provided design data.

Connect BIM Data and non-BIM Data with Ease, Speed, and Precision

With Ideate Sticky, Revit Structure professionals can also:

Ideate Sticky is used by structural engineers to improve workflow collaborations. Some customers keep code schedules and other non-BIM information front and center for engineers throughout the project. Others highlight recent changes such as construction-schedule updates or import the manufacturer's design tables for hold-downs or other anchor products. What Revit Structure problems will you solve with the Ideate Sticky add-in tool?