We’re pleased to share how Ideate BIMLink helped Associated Architects meet client requirements for a validated data rich BIM model to be used in an iPad-based facilities management solution. This information is from a customer success story published by our partner, Excitech.

Associated Architects, a design-led architectural practice, turned to Excitech for guidance after being appointed by a leading university to design and deliver the first phase of a new campus development.

“This would entail vast amounts of data coming into the mix, and we needed to find out how to handle that efficiently and swiftly, making sure that data was consistent across all companies involved in the project,” said David Simpson, Associate and BIM Manager at Associated Architects.

Critical to the project’s success was the ability to avoid the errors and wasted time that can arise from double-handling of data, which often occurs when data installed for the facilities management model clashes with items supplied by subcontractors who are not familiar with BIM. To address these challenges, Excitech recommended Ideate BIMLink.

With Ideate BIMLink, Revit users push information into Microsoft Excel, where Revit users and non-Revit users review and edit. Then volumes of updated, precise, and validated BIM data is pulled back into the Revit model with speed, ease, and accuracy.

By using Ideate BIMLink, Associated Architects improved quality control by eliminating manual errors and reduced costs by speeding up user interaction with the master model without requiring Revit trained users or software. Here are the top five efficiencies they reported:

  1. Automation of tasks
  2. Simplicity
  3. Improved drawing management efficiencies
  4. Faster data manipulation
  5. Visibility

Read the Excitech - Associated Architects case study for more details.

Interesting in experiencing the time-saving, cost-reducing benefits of Ideate BIMLink? Get a free trial today.

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There’s a place I know where bright and talented architects, engineers, designers, builders and other A/E/C professionals meet to share their time and expertise related to Autodesk® Revit® and BIM: Revit Forum. At Ideate Software, we find Revit Forum to be far more than informative reading; it helps us get the most out of Revit and saves us time and money. It’s also free to any and all Revit-using professionals who simply ask for help. It’s an indispensable contribution to the AEC community that adds to our individual and collective knowledge.

Your give, we match

Ideate is committed to supporting this important knowledge base. We know Revit Forum is self-funded. The org needs to raise $3500 this year just to keep the site up and running. They still need funding to reach their 2017 goal. So here is what Ideate is committed to do.

Matching gift deadline: 25 May 2017

Ideate will match up to a total of $1000 of all donations from 8 April 2017 until the BiLT ANZ 2017 Conference on 25 May, 2017. Every dollar you contribute becomes two with this matching program. So please join Ideate in this fundraising effort and donate today.  Send a copy of your donation receipt to Glynnis Patterson and we’ll ensure that your contribution counts towards this matching program.

Revit Forum is an independent and non-profit discussion group, for everyone passionate about Autodesk Revit software. Revit Forum is independent of Autodesk, Inc., and is not authorized by, endorsed by, sponsored by, affiliated with, or otherwise approved by Autodesk, Inc.

Autodesk® and Revit® are registered trademarks or trademarks of Autodesk, Inc., in the USA and other countries.

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We thank Garrett Broadnax, Designer, EIT at Kinetics in Austin, Texas for letting us know about his experience with Ideate XRay. XRay is one of the tools we developed to streamline the activities that Autodesk Revit software users perform most often. Here’s what Garrett said:

“Ideate XRay saves me a lot of time and frustration; it flattens the learning curve for Revit by parsing through layers of data and giving you an interpretable, actionable answer.

Before XRay, it could take 5 to 10 minutes to sort through the myriad visibility parameters in Revit and find out why an element wasn’t showing up in a particular view. With XRay, I simply select (in a different view) the element that’s not showing up, hit a button, and about 3 seconds later it tells me why it’s invisible – and fixes the problem with another click. In addition to directly solving my problem, using it trains you to think about these parameters as you’re setting up your project, to avoid these issues in the first place.”

Want the same time-saving experience? Download a free trial of IdeateApps, which includes XRay, ReNumber, SmartDelete, and QuickSelect.

For more information on IdeateApps and other Revit software add-ins that help customers get the most out of their Revit software, visit the homepage of our website.

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As an Autodesk Authorized Developer, we are serious about developing plugins that help companies in the architecture, engineering, construction, and owner communities get the most out of their Autodesk® Revit® software.  We regularly ask customers about challenges they face and workarounds they’ve developed, and we ask for feedback on the products we developed to address those challenges and eliminate clunky workarounds.

Recently we heard from Dan Dankert, CAD / BIM / VDC Manager at Mead & Hunt. He shared some ways he and his team are benefiting from IdeateApps, a set of four tools we launched last year to streamline the activities that daily Revit users perform most often - they are Ideate ReNumber, XRay, SmartDelete and QuickSelect. Here are his comments:

“IdeateApps are great time savers that help me support our users every day. Just this week I have used 2 of the apps, and its only Monday!

  • “I used Ideate XRay to find display issues on two views when employees were having a hard time figuring out why they could not see families that should be visible in views. Not only did it provide an answer, it did it within seconds. The employee had spent minutes trying to figure it out by going through the complex hierarchy of Revit visibility rules.  
  • “The second app I used was Ideate ReNumber. I used it to renumber details on a sheet after moving them around to better match the client’s and our standards for a project. Not a complex process, but using the tool is both simpler and quicker than the classic ways in Revit.

“Each of these cases provided quick results that would have added stress and time to my daily tasks removing frustration in the process.”

Thank you, Dan, for sharing this information with us!

If you would like to experience the time-saving and stress-reducing benefits of IdeateApps, download the fully functional free trial.

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AC Martin Partners was one of the first companies to purchase Ideate Sticky, which we introduced in 2015. Elisa de Dios, BIM Manager/ Production Coordinator and Associate at AC Martin, forwarded our launch video to her assistant, Henry Diaz, who walked right into her office and said, “What are you waiting for? We’re getting this, right?” He was certain that its ability to connect non-BIM data from Microsoft Excel into Revit models would save tremendous amount of time. He was correct.

AC Martin Partners, a Los Angeles-based architecture, planning, interior architecture, and research firm, uses Ideate Sticky mostly in the production phase and in construction documents.

“Because Ideate Sticky displays non-BIM tabular text in Revit, our team can quickly create and update those notes and code specifications, consultant data, and abbreviation lists in Excel, using the tool we already know,” says de Dios.

She continued, “If our project managers or project architects need to access or update the information on the Ideate Sticky schedule, they don’t have to go into the Revit model to check on files. That’s extremely important to our workflow, because not all project architects are Revit-savvy. We can also hand work to our administrative assistant, who doesn’t need to be Revit-savvy either.”

An average AC Martin project can consist of between 300 to 400 sheets, with perhaps a quarter of those created in Revit. “Someone used to spend hours in Revit typing line by line the sheets not already in Revit. Now an assistant can put it all together in Excel, which saves us significant project time,” said de Dios.

Companies throughout the Architecture, Engineering, and Construction industries use Ideate Sticky to “stick” Microsoft Excel files containing non-BIM data, such as code checklists, design data, and general notes, onto Revit project files, which are not able to manage or format non-BIM data. Ideate Sticky allows for formatting and editing in Excel or Revit, while maintaining graphical fidelity.

For more information on how AC Martin benefits from Ideate Sticky, view the case study. For more information on Ideate Sticky and other Revit software add-ins that help customers get the most out of their Revit software, visit the homepage of our website.

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