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 IdeateApps Overview

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IdeateApps Overview

Watch this five minute video to learn more about IdeateApps, our latest Revit extension. Within IdeateApps, there are four new tools and made them easily accessible from the Ideate Software tab in your Revit files: Ideate ReNumber, Ideate QuickSelect, Ideate SmartDelete, and Ideate XRay.


Ideate ReNumber Overview

Ideate ReNumber not only allows you to sequentially renumber Revit elements by various methods, but you can easily push data from one Revit parameter to another. The Revit project team is likely to be spending time on a variety of tedious numbering tasks throughout the project: examples may include Doors, Rooms, Fixtures, Equipment, and don’t forget the sheet detail numbers. Liberate yourselves from tedium and improve project coordination with Ideate ReNumber.


Ideate QuickSelect Overview

IdeateApps QuickSelect is a powerful application that is part of the IdeateApps suite of solutions for Revit. IdeateApps QuickSelect allows you to understand all of the elements in your Revit model, even those that might be hidden or difficult to select. Watch this short video, then learn more at


Ideate SmartDelete Overview

Ideate SmartDelete is a powerful application that is part of the IdeateApps suite of solutions for Revit. Ideate SmartDelete allows you to reduce liability issues occurring from the Revit model by understanding exactly what you are deleting. When you delete the RVT link or the ceiling elements, are you sure you’re only deleting the selected elements? Done improperly, Revit mode deletion will impact liability and the project schedule. With Ideate SmartDelete you’ll get that 2nd chance to review your deletion set AND, more importantly, you can preview what else will be deleted, before it happens.



Ideate XRay Overview

Have you ever received the Revit warning that “None of the created elements are visible in the current view?” Ideate XRay checks over 50 reasons why an element may be hidden within a specific view, allowing you to understand or fix the issue. One of the top questions a BIM Manager receives from the Revit team is “why doesn’t something display in this view.” Ideate XRay helps the whole Revit team understand and fix visibility issues, therefore allowing the BIM Manager to focus and concentrate on higher level issues, thus increasing efficiency and productivity for the Revit project, and the entire Revit team.

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