Standalone License Transferring

You can legitimately transfer your license from your one computer to another computer. You do this by deactivating your license on the original computer and activating the same license on a new computer. An activated license for Ideate Software is a standalone license associated with a single machine. The license will restrict you from running a licensed copy of Ideate Software on more than one machine at a time.

You do not need to transfer your license if you are running a trial copy. If you have not already activated your license, please see Standalone License Activation.

These are the steps to transfer your license:

  1. First deactivate the license on your original installation of Ideate Software.  On your original computer, start Revit and launch your Ideate software. From the Ideate software menu, select Help > Ideate Software License... 
  2. The Ideate software License application will display the License Deactivation screen. Enter your 18 digit license code. Your license code can be found in the email you received when you originally purchased a license or were given a license as an Ideate customer. Select the Yes option, and click Continue.

If successful, you will get a message dialog License deactivation successful. You are now ready to activate your license on the new machine.  If you have not already done so, install Ideate software on the new machine. Next, activate the license on your new machine using the same 18 digit license code from your original computer. For more information on activating your license, please see Standalone License Activation.

You can use the same process to reactivate your license on your original computer. To do so, deactivate your license on your new computer and activate your license on your original computer.

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