Activating Ideate Software From Behind a Proxy Server or Company Firewall

Ideate Software for Revit needs to have the ability to check-in with a specific website to validate your license, or to report that a trial has been started.

If you are encountering a ‘No internet access’ error when staring a trial, or activating a standalone license, this article will have the solution for you.

The most likely culprit is Windows Firewall blocking outgoing connections; the video below shows you the steps to resolve.

If the cause of the issue is the presence of a proxy server, or something else that is blocking the connection, the solution is to 'whitelist' the following URL:

The exact way it is done depends on your specific security configuration, so we recommend contacting your IT department.

As a workaround you may perform ‘manual activation’. If your PC does have internet, you can follow the steps just as they are shown in the video.

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