Standalone Licensing

Learn about the standalone license features to help you decide the right licensing model for your business. 

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Trial period

Ideate Software for Revit installs as a trial that allows you to try the Ideate Software for a limited time or with limited functionality. When the trial period expires you must obtain a license to continue using Ideate Software. All Ideate Software is full-functioning during the Trial period with the exception of Ideate BIMLink, which limits the data export to (25) rows of data, and Ideate StyleManager which contains a limitation on which styles can be managed in trial mode.

Purchasing a License 

An Ideate Software license may be purchased from the Buy It Now page, or by contacting our sales department for more details. 

Upon buying a Ideate Software license, you will receive an email with the license code which can be used to activate your copy of the software.  For more information, please see Standalone License Activation.

Ideate licensing is now fully Subscription based. Any activated software will continue to function throughout the subscription period and typically through subsequent renewals. Please make sure to renew your contract on time to keep the access to your software. The software will display a warning when the end of the subscription period is approaching and will stop functioning if the contract expires.

Licensing Multiple Versions

Ideate offers a variety of licensing models to suit customer needs.

Starting with the May 2018 releases, all standalone license codes that contain “1L” (e.g. IAP-1L-XXXX) will automatically work for all supported previous versions (2016-2019). Activating one year version will automatically activate all versions on the PC, even those installed in the future, for as long as the Subscription is maintained.

Network licenses support previous versions within a single license file by default.

Please contact your Ideate sales account manager, or [email protected] with any questions about licensing.

Home Use Policy for Ideate Software

Each standalone license of Ideate Software comes with one activation only. If a user wishes to use the license on a different computer, they may return the license on the active computer first, then activate again on a different one.

Learn to transfer a standalone license here. 

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