Standalone License Error

Note: In 2020 and previous versions of Ideate Software this error displays as ‘License File Corrupted’. The ‘license file’ here refers to a licensing component used by our 3rd party licensing provider, and has no connection to license files used by FlexLM network licensed products. For any network license issues, please visit this page.

Standalone licenses are locked to a specific Windows/hardware configuration represented by a unique ‘Computer ID’ (not related to hostname). Once a license is activated on a computer, if this internally calculated Computer ID changes, the license may no longer function. Note that cloud network licenses are not affected by this condition.

This error can be encountered in situations such as:

- major Windows 10 update (depending on if the OS is considered ‘the same’ afterwards)
- rebuilt Windows profile, even if the login is the same
- using a roaming profile
- restoring a PC from an earlier state
- cloning the system onto another set of hardware, even if identical
- major hardware changes, i.e. moving the hard drive with the OS to another system
- upgrading the OS (i.e. from Win 7 to Win10)
- other major changes to the system

To resolve the error:

- Update to the latest release of your Ideate solution — we have added a fix into the licensing code that should be able to deal with this situation

- If the above does not help, clear the license activation info from the affected computer:


The steps below will NOT release the license from the back-end online server. The seat will be still listed as taken up, and you may be unable to activate your software if there are no more free seats available for your license code. Please provide the computer name of the affected computer (and your info) to Ideate Support and we can clear out the activation on the back end.

Steps to be taken on the affected PC:

- Navigate to C:\Users\OriginalUserName\AppData\Roaming\Nalpeiron
- locate a pair of files created on the date of latest activation (there may only be two files) with the extensions “.lic”, and “.log”
- back up the files (copy them elsewhere)
- remove the files from the above location

Now you can start your Ideate software, and it should activate normally, provided there is still a free seat available for the license code.

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