Manual Activation

Normally your license is automatically activated using your Internet connection. If you have trouble with access to the Internet because of firewall or other direct connectivity issues, you may have to activate your license manually using a website. Please use the following steps to activate your license manually:

  1. Start Ideate Software.  
  2. From the Ideate Software menu, select Help >Ideate Software License... 
  3. When you first open Ideate Software, you may see the Activate Ideate Software dialog if your trial license is about to expire.  If so, choose the Activate option on this dialog and click Close.  Alternately you can browse to C:\Program Files\Ideate\Ideate Software 2016\Ideate [softwarename] to start the license application.

  4. The Ideate Software License application will start.  On the License Activation screen, select the Activate a license option and click Continue. 
  5. On the next License Activation screen, please enter your 18 digit license code and click on the Activate license manually link.  If you do not have a license code see Obtaining a License. 
  6. The License Activation screen will now show a 12-digit Installation ID along with the 18-digit Activation Code you just entered.  You will use both these codes to manually activate your software.  Click the Get Unlock Code from webbsite link.

  7. Your default Internet browser application will launch and display the Nalperion Trusted Activation website
  8. Enter your Installation ID and License Number from the License Activation screen in the previous step (you can cut and paste). Accept the Terms and Conditions and click Generate Unlock Code/Certificate.

  9. If your license is successfully activated, you will see a 15-digit Unlock Code displayed.

  10. Go back to the Ideate Software License application.  On the License Activation screen, enter your 15-digit Unlock Code (you may use copy and paste) and click Activate.

  11. When Ideate Software is successfully activated, the License activation successful screen will display.  Click Exit.

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