License Activation

NOTE: For information on activating legacy (pre-2017) products, please refer to this page.

Ideate Software can be configured to auto-activate without user interaction when it is deployed using Ideate Software Installer. Read more here.

If you install Ideate Software directly on your computer and you do not yet have an active license, you will need to activate each Ideate solution separately. Once licensed, all subsequent versions will continue to work for as long as your Subscription is active. (Note: FlexLM licensing uses license files that need to be replaced when renewing your Subscription) 

After you install Ideate Software, you will see a welcome dialog on Revit launch. You can choose to activate your software or start a trial from that dialog directly. 

If you skip the Welcome dialog, you will again see a dialog prompting you to start a trial or activate a license when you open any Ideate Software solution.

Ideate software can be licensed by either a license code or by entering the network license server name into the appropriate field.

For Standalone or Cloud Network license, toggle the radio button accordingly, then select the ‘Activate’ button.

On the License Activation screen, fill in the required information and your license code:

Ideate Software for Revit License Activation dialog

If you do not have a license code see Obtaining a License. If you are having trouble with this part of the activation, your network may be preventing access to our licensing portal. 

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