Updating Existing FlexLM Network Licenses

Updating the Ideate Software for Revit license file takes only a few moments and should not interrupt other services (e.g. Revit licensing).

Any Ideate Software licenses that are checked out during the file switch will continue to work until the next ‘heartbeat’ check (approximately 5-15 minutes), then renew from the pool or stop working if something went wrong with the update.

Get a New License File 

When you purchase additional licenses or renew your subscription, Ideate will automatically send out a license file that contains all of your current licenses to the contract holder email.  

Place New License File 

Copy your new license file into the same folder as your old license file. Please do not store your license file on a network share, they should be stored locally on the server. 

Stop Ideate Service

  1. Open LMTools
  2. Select the ‘Start/Stop/Reread’ tab
  3. Verify that the Ideate Licensing service is highlighted
  4. Click ‘Stop Server’, wait a moment. The status bar on the bottom will either say ‘stopping’ or ‘stopped’, depending on your LMTools version
  5. If you see any errors, use the ‘services.msc’ to confirm that the Ideate licensing service is stopped

    NOTE: Do not start a licensing service through the services.msc list!

Configure the Service With Your New License File

  1. Open LMTools
  2. Select the ‘Config Services’ tab
  3. Select the Ideate Licensing service from the drop-down menu
  4. Set the path for the new license file
  5. Save the Service

Restart the Service

  1. Switch back to ‘Start/Stop/Reread’ tab
  2. Click Start Server’, wait for the ‘starting’ message to change (The status bar will say ‘started, or ‘VD is starting’. both are OK)
  3. Click ‘ReRead License File’, wait for the confirmation

Ideate Software for Revit Network Licensing Dialog

Test The New Licenses

Either open Ideate software on an end user machine, or review the ‘Perform Status Inquiry’ printout on the ‘Server Status’ tab


If something goes wrong and you need help, please perform the steps below and email [email protected]. Please make sure to create and attach the files mentioned below:

  1. In LMTools, select the ‘Server Status’ tab
  2. Pick ‘Perform Status Inquiry’
  3. Copy the results in a text file
  4. Select the ‘Config Services’ tab
  5. Note the path to and the name of the log file
  6. Email us a copy of the log and Status Inquiry printout


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