FlexLM License Borrowing

This article in only applicable for FlexLM network licenses. Borrowing of Cloud network licenses is not supported. 

In order to take advantage of license borrowing with Ideate Software for Revit, the following requirements must be met:

Ideate Software for Revit licensing dialog

When these conditions have been met, a license can be borrowed from within the software. Select 'Help' and then 'Ideate [Software] License' and 'Borrow License' in the dialog as shown. 

Ideate Software for Revit license borrowing dialog

IMPORTANT: Simultaneously borrowing two different FlexLM licenses will cause a license return failure if not executed properly. This issue has been acknowledged by Flexera. Flexera Support has indicated that a newer version may address this issue. In the interim the workaround is to ensure that whichever license is borrowed first is returned first. Example of proper return order: 

  1. Borrow a Revit license.
  2. Borrow Ideate Software license(s).
  3. Return the Revit license FIRST. If the Ideate Software license is returned first it will result in FlexLM error -124.
  4. Return the Ideate Software license(s).

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