Network Licensing Frequently Asked Questions

Based on overwhelming customer demand, Cloud based network licenses are now the new default delivery method for multi-user (AKA shared or floating) licenses for Ideate Software solutions. Various quantity packs are available on the Subscribe Now page. If you prefer to continue to use FlexLM please be sure to request that from your Ideate Software salesperson. See below for key differences between these two options.

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*Ideate Software Bundle Subscriptions come with a single license code for all Ideate solutions. Subscriptions for different products and quantities usually require an upgrade to a Bundle Subscription before all licenses can be merged into a single license code. Ideate Software Installer is designed to easily deploy all products using a single license code or network server.

Cloud Network License FAQ

Cloud network licenses behave much in the same way as FlexLM network licenses. When a user opens an Ideate application, a license is checked out from a shared pool. When the application is closed, the license returns back to the cloud and it is available for another user. No need to run and maintain a local server!

A license code is used to activate the application for the first time. For as long as the subscription is maintained and renewed on time, all supported year versions, including future ones, will continue to work without the need to reenter the code again. 

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Which year versions are supported for Cloud network licenses?

Cloud network licensing technology is supported for use in Revit versions 2018 and newer. If you need access to earlier versions, please contact your account manager to discuss available options.

Do I have to switch to Cloud network?

Ideate is committed to support FlexLM network licensing for as long as there is significant customer demand for it. Any new customer can request to use FlexLM instead of the Cloud network if they wish.

Do I need to assign users to be able to access Cloud Network licenses?

We are against adding another portal to the uncountable number of user management portals our customers already manage. The access to Cloud network license is validated by a license code on the end user machine. (The answer is NO, by the way.)

How does the Cloud network version differ from the (FlexLM) network version previously offered?

The FlexLM network licensing requires the installation, setup and maintenance of a virtual or physical license server. With FlexLM license type, each version of Ideate Software opened on a workstation will use up a separate network license seat.

The Cloud network license type for Ideate Software does not require a license server and allows each user to run multiple versions of Ideate Software while using up only one network license seat.

Can I ‘borrow’ a Cloud network license?

License borrow, or ‘check-out’ is currently not supported for Cloud network licenses. Depending on the individual circumstances, either a FlexLM or a standalone license would be recommended.

How do I update all my users to Cloud Network?

You can use Ideate Software Installer to update everyone to the latest release and set the license at the same time, or use the alternate method described here.

Can I use cloud network license in a virtualized environment?

Generally the answer is Yes. Please see the cloud solutions page for more details about various virtualization setups. 

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