Licensing Update FAQ

Introducing One-License

Beginning with the May 2018 release, we have fully implemented one-license behavior for all Ideate Software products.

One-license means that activating any one version of Ideate software will activate all versions of the same software title currently installed on the computer, or added in the future (while the customer is maintaining an active subscription).

As new versions are released, active Subscription customers will be able to just install them, without needing to look up the license code every time or wait until it is issued by Ideate Software.

We are expecting that this will decrease administration burden on network admins, as there will be no need to keep track of multiple serial numbers, and after the initial activation, users will not need to worry about their license code number again.

Feel free to contact [email protected] for more info, or with any questions not addressed in the FAQ document below.

Bundled Installers

- As of May 2018, all Ideate software is now available as a bundled installer, containing all supported versions. The user will be able to choose which year versions they wish to install during the setup process. They can later re-run the same installer to add more versions, even though there is no downside to installing all versions. Have your favorite Ideate tools ready for when you need to use a newer or older Revit version in the future!

Ideate Software bundled installer

Detailed FAQ

Can I activate the latest release with my existing (pre- May 2018 license code?)

Standalone license codes issued previously will not activate any product from the May 2018 or later releases. Please contact Ideate Software support if you have not received a new license code. Legacy perpetual license customers without an active subscription, please see here.

How can I tell if my license code is a ‘one-license’?

All one-license codes have the letters ‘1L’ right after the product code. (ISW-1L-XXXXXX).

I have a network license, how does it affect me?

Existing network licenses will continue to work without change, you are free to install the new release. The bundled install will provide for a simplified upgrade experience — one download for all versions combined. You would still need to request a new license file when moving to 2019 version, as has always been the case in the past.

I am a new Ideate customer/just trialing your software. Do these changes matter to me?

All new users are going to benefit from simplified install and activation, as well as trial registration. Any new customers will receive one-license codes on purchase of subscription that will automatically unlock all supported software versions.

Does the Bundled Installer work for both Standalone and Network version?

The bundled installer will work as standalone or network licensed, but single-version MSI’s for deployments are still provided on the download page (add link). There are no multi-version MSI’s at this time

What benefits will I see as a user/IT support?

Save time and effort when activating and managing license codes.

In a typical scenario if you were to install versions 2017 and 2018 (using the bundled installer, or MSI deployment), you would need to only activate one of them, and all others will be automatically activated. When later you decide to add version 2019 or 2016, they will be automatically activated as well using the same license code or license server as the versions already installed, requiring no further user input.

Inversely, deactivating any one version will deactivate all versions on this PC, freeing up the license to be used elsewhere.

What will happen to ‘Ideate Bundle’ type standalone licenses?

‘Ideate Bundle’ type license codes will now only need to be activated one time for each software title (instead of one time for each title AND year version).

What if I have a mix of different license types?

It will no longer be possible to mix standalone and network licensing types for different year versions of the same product. It continues to be possible to use i.e. a networked Ideate Explorer, and a standalone Ideate BIMLink.

I am an existing network licensed customer. How do I trial the next release of my Ideate Software title?

You have two choices:

- No need for a trial, request a new license file that supports the just released version (we are able to ship them a few weeks before release to get our customers ready, and typically include the future version in any license file requests during that time period by default)

- You can install the new release, switch over to ‘standalone’ to start your trial for the testing time, then switch the license back to network when you are done.

Is there an MSI bundled installer?

At this time MSI packages only come as individual versions, to make it easier to include them with their respective version Revit deployments. They are located at the usual place, towards the bottom of the download page for the respective products

I am having trouble to activate my license

Please review the standalone or network troubleshooting guides.

I have a perpetual license without a subscription agreement. What happens to me now?

Expected future changes:

Legacy standalone license codes containing  only numbers and no letters (for BIMLink, Explorer and Sticky versions 2015 and previous) will no longer be able to be transferred or activated AFTER January 1st, 2019. Already activated seats will continue to function unless a major change is done to the hosting computer (Windows reinstall, hardware changes or similar). This is due to the whole legacy licensing back-end being retired by our licensing solution provider; and Ideate Software has no control over the timing of this change.

Please contact Ideate support to discuss your options if you expect the need to use software versions of 2015 and prior of the above titles past January 2019.

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