License Borrowing

In order to take advantage of license borrowing with Ideate Software for Revit, the following requirements must be met:

Ideate Software for Revit licensing dialog

When these conditions have been met, a license can be borrowed from within the software. Select 'Help' and then 'Ideate [Software] License' and 'Borrow License' in the dialog as shown. 

Ideate Software for Revit license borrowing dialog

IMPORTANT: Simultaneously borrowing two different Flexera licenses will cause a license return failure if not executed properly. This issue has been acknowledged by Flexera. Flexera Support has indicated that a newer version may address this issue. In the interim the workaround is to ensure that whichever license is borrowed first is returned first. Example of proper return order: 

  1. Borrow a Revit license.
  2. Borrow Ideate Software license(s).
  3. Return the Revit license FIRST. If the Ideate Software license is returned first it will result in FlexLM error -124.
  4. Return the Ideate Software license(s).

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