Global Parameters and Parameters

Analyze, review, and delete unused Revit parameters and global parameters found within Revit projects or templates with Ideate StyleManager.


Revit will let you delete parameters from the Manage>Project Parameter tool as well as via Dynamo and the Revit API, but none of those methods will answer this very important question.

Safely delete parameters in Revit

Keep your Revit project and template files clean and easy to use by safely deleting unused parameters with Ideate StyleManager. 

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Found in File 

For a parameter to be considered “Used” by Ideate StyleManager it must meet one of these conditions:

Parameters defined in a Revit family without any preset values

Isolate Similar

Parameters that have the same name are defined by Ideate StyleManager as being “similar” as shown in the above image for the parameters called “Actuator Location”. When the “Isolate Similar” checkbox is selected, parameters that have the same name will be listed and grouped together by color. All other parameters will be filtered out of the display list. Shared parameters with the same name can exist within the same project if they have different unique IDs (GUIDs) or if they reflect a combination of a shared and non-shared parameter. These ‘similar’ parameters should be reviewed to avoid confusion in project deliverable.

TIP: Hovering over the Parameter Type as shown in the image below will display this unique ID.

Shared GUID in Ideate StyleManager

Parameter Types

The Type filter displays a drop-down list of parameter types: Shared Project, Non-Shared Project, Shared Family, Shared Hidden and Shared Orphaned. Learn more about each type: Understanding Parameter Types

Parameter types in Ideate StyleManager

Analyze Options

Schedules are a very common usage of parameters but do take more programmatic effort to analyze. After a parameter is analyzed, it will initially include [xx]+? for the usage count and will display a usage under Not Analyzed as shown below.

When a parameter usage only includes the result below it means that the parameter has no values anywhere in the project but might be used as a column (or hidden column) within a schedule.

Analyze schedules for parameter usage in Ideate StyleManager

To use the Analyze Option:

  1. Select the Schedules checkbox under Analyze Options and then pick the Analyze button.
  2. This will analyze all the schedules in the project and will remove the “Not Analyzed” usage.

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Global Parameters

Global parameters are unique project-specific parameters that can be managed in Revit from Manage>Global Parameters. Unlike Parameters, Global Parameters support both Merge and Rename.

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