What's New in Ideate StyleManager

The latest improvements to Ideate StyleManager are added to our 2019, 2020, 2021 and 2022 versions. See below for a summary of some of the new features, or check out our YouTube What's New playlist. This release includes some general improvements along with some minor fixes and enhancements. Don’t forget to remember our November 2020 Release, which included extensive new functionality.

May 2021 Release

General Improvements

In the May 2021 release of Ideate StyleManager, there are two important general improvements. The first general improvement is support for Chinese (Simplified) and German. French, Japanese and Spanish were included as part of the November 2020 Release. Your teams across the globe can now enjoy increased productivity through the use of Ideate Software tools in their native languages.  

The second improvement relates to our cloud network licensing, which now also works in VDI and other remote access environments. This change allows your teams to work remotely without the overhead of a network license server. We also developed double redundancy methods for our cloud network solution to ensure continuous access in the event of a failure.

Fixes & Improvements

One minor change that was requested by many has been implemented in this release. To reduce clicks, we have removed the results report that used to display after a successful merge. Now that report will only display if there was any kind of problem during a merge.

Per user input, we also removed the Delete button from the Appearance Asset tool. Previously, appearance assets that were in-use and deleted, where not being properly handled. To delete used or unused assets, just pick one or more assets, then use the Merge button to move them to another asset. This will update any Materials as well as remove any used assets in the process.  

November 2020 Release

New Tools Added:

We added a collection of new tools to help you keep those Revit models humming. As always, we welcome all feedback and ideas, so please keep them coming!


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