Update the Sticky in Revit Projects with Ideate Sticky

A Sticky can be updated manually or automatically in your Revit projects with Ideate Sticky.

Update the Sticky in Revit Projects with Ideate Sticky

Manual Updates

From the main dialog, select one Sticky and then use the Update or "Update From" buttons. The "Update From" button will allow you to select a different source file and change the worksheet. You may also use the multi-select option to select more than one Sticky, but when this method is used, only the Update button will be available. The Update From option should be used if the name of the worksheet has been changed.


After a Sticky has been created, it can be set to Auto-update. When the Auto-update option is selected, the Sticky will thereafter be automatically updated during the Revit file open process IF the Excel file has also changed. Ideate Sticky will not update the Sticky if the Excel file has not changed.

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