Using Sticky to Create and Manage Images in Revit

Ideate Stickies can be created and placed into your project as Revit image elements. This approach has a number of benefits as compared to Sticky Schedules including greater visual fidelity for documents which include longer pieces of text or many images. If managing the precise size of your Excel columns and rows is important, then using Sticky Images is the recommended path. Sticky Images are supported in Revit versions 2018 and forward.

Source File Formats

Unlike Sticky Schedules, which only support Excel, Sticky Images can be made from Microsoft Word, PDF, or Excel file formats. Word and Excel source files will be always created as Revit images. PDF source files will be created as images in Revit versions 2018 and 2019 but will be created as PDF images in Revit 2020 and forward.

Supported View Types

Sticky Images can be placed on these view types: Sheets, Drafting Views, Legends, and all types of Plan Views. Sticky Images are currently not allowed to be placed in Sections and Elevation views though they can be copy/pasted into these views and will work as expected.



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