Setting Up the Deployment Installation

If you are looking to deploy Ideate Software across your organization, please consider using Ideate Software Installer first. It is designed to easily deploy multiple or all Ideate Software solutions and set or change licensing info without end user interaction.

While Ideate Software Installer is now the preferred deployment method, the methods described below are still expected to work.

Deploying Ideate Software using MSI files

Deploying Ideate Software using EXE packages

Windows Installer Command-Line Options


Deploying Ideate Software using MSI files 

Optional MS packages of Ideate Software for Revit are available to download on their respective product download pages. (go to ‘Trial’ at the top right of this page to start). The MSI files can be used with various deployment methods (scripts, Windows Group policy, etc.) to push installations of Ideate Software to workstations on a network. 

Notes: When using SCCM, use ‘MSI Configuration’ instead of ‘Custom configuration’.

Automatic activation of standalone licenses is not supported, the activation process will need to be completed by the user from within Revit. Network licensed products will work without needing further steps from the end user, provided the license server is running correctly.

Ideate Software MSI Examples

Command line options can be used to create quiet (no user interaction) MSI installs suitable for network deployments. Note that a quiet install will fail if UAC is active, unless the command window is started using the "Run as Administrator" option from the right-click menu. 

Here are several examples:

A quiet Ideate BIMLink 2017.1 (without specifying license type):
    msiexec /i C:\downloads\Ideate_BIMLink_2017_1_64bit.msi /quiet 

A quiet Ideate Explorer 2017.1 install that uses a network license:
    msiexec /i Ideate_Explorer_2017_1_64bit.msi /quiet IDEATE_LICENSE_TYPE=network
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Deploying Ideate Software using EXE packages

The standard ‘exe’ packages can also be used for remote deployment of Ideate Software if your network admin suite supports exe’s. As with the MSI deployment, UAC can interfere with the process unless “Run as Administrator” is used.

NOTE: The exe command line options currently do not allow setting of the license type or server, please use the ‘license.config’ method as the second step in the process.

Basic command line examples:

../Ideate_Apps_1_8.exe /silent — Silently install all versions contained in this package (/q or /quiet will NOT work!)

../Ideate_Apps_1_8.exe /remove /silent — Silently uninstall all versions contained in this package


Windows Installer Command-Line Options

For a detailed explanation of standard command-line parameters see Microsoft Windows Installer documentation, visit:

Here are some of the options commonly used with Ideate Software: 

/i [installer path and file]

(Required) Install the software from the msi file specified.

Run install quietly with no user interaction required.

Installs the Ideate Software application to the specified folder. If not set, a default install directory is used: %Program Files%\Ideate\Ideate Software [Year]\

Sets the license type used by the application. 

Installs components needed to run a standalone license. The software will run as a 30 day trial until the standalone license is activated.  Network license components are also installed but not used. The license type defaults to standalone if this option is not used. 

Installs the components needed to run a network license.

Note: For versions 2016 and prior only, standalone license components will not be installed. If the user later wants to run a standalone license, they will need to uninstall the software and reinstall as standalone. The above does not apply to Ideate Apps, and all 2017 and newer software versions.

[email protected]
Sets the network license servers used to check out network licenses. 

The format can use the server host name, or the IP address for the server. Multiple servers are separated by a semicolon (;). 

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