Isolate Elements

We found using Revit’s Selection Box and Isolate tools so useful when using Ideate Explorer that we decided to make them easily accessible from within Explorer. Now it’s even faster to find, isolate, and fix Revit warnings with Ideate Explorer!

You can use these tools with any selection made via Ideate Explorer. Here are the steps to use when reviewing warnings, like the one shown above.

  1. Open Ideate Explorer and then pick the Warnings tab.
  2. For any element-related warning, such as the one shown above for “It is not possible to calculate the flow”, pick the warnings instance. In the example above the warnings instance is called [HWHR 1] and involves 6 elements. Picking this will cause the 6 related elements to also be selected.
  3. Using the toolbar circled in red above, pick the Selection Box tool. This will create a new 3d view that is cropped to include all 6 elements.
  4. If it’s still hard to see the elements, you can go back to the same toolbar, use the drop-down option and select the Isolate option, which will then hide all elements except those selected within Ideate Explorer.


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