Automation for Ideate Explorer

Ideate Automation is a scripting solution for use with Ideate Software solutions. This topic covers how Ideate Automation can be used to run Ideate Explorer silently. Before you begin please refer to the Ideate Automation Getting Started instructions.

Ideate Explorer Commands

Automation of Ideate Explorer is currently designed to support exporting the curated Revit Warnings data. Using Ideate Automation, warnings data from your project can be exported for further analysis or dashboarding. 

You can manually export some of the warnings data per the instructions here. When Ideate Automation is used to export the warnings data, the process can be scheduled, and there will be an additonal worksheet called Ideate Warnings Summary which includes important data such as file size, threshold size, number of warnings, etc.

This is the Ideate Explorer command that is currently supported for use with Ideate Automation scripts:

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Sample export of Revit Warnings data via Ideate Automation

Details of Revit Warnings data from Ideate Explorer via Automation

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