Stoplight Card


  1. Within the newly created Partner Card. Click on “Configure”

  1. Type in Card Title —  “Revit Warnings KPI”
  2. Type in Partner URL  —
  3. Click on “Save”.

  1. Login — Purpose:  Autodesk requires authorization to view the data within the BIM 360 project environment.
    1. Click on “Login”

  1. Select “Autodesk Sign in’.

  1. Select “Allow” to access your BIM 360 project data.

  1. In the existing Partner Card, a “Finish Configuring Your Card” dialog appears.

Step 1 — Click “Copy URL to clipboard”.

Step 2 — Click on Gear (upper right hand corner of card.  Select “Configure”.

Step 3 — Replace the existing Partner URL with the copied URL and click “Save” .  

TIP:  Use Ctr + A (select all) and Ctr + V (copy from clipboard).

  1. Make sure you save location and URL by clicking on “SAVE” in upper right corner of Project Home.
  2. Select the project first and then the file for the Stoplight Key Performance Indicator (KPI). See FAQ if you have questions.




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