Custom Integration


NOTE BIM 360 Account Administrator must complete these steps.

  1. Open your company’s BIM 360 Account/Hub.  Go to Account Admin < Settings.

  1. Top Panel Bar > Custom Integrations

  1. Left Panel > Add Custom Integration

  1. Leave “Select Access’ checked for both BIM 360 Account Administration and BIM 360 Document Management.  Click “Next”.

  1. Select “Invite a developer”.  Type [email protected] in email field.  Click “Send”.

  1. After clicking “send”, the Account Admin > Settings > Custom Integration screen will look like this.

  1. After Ideate Software has approved the custom integration, the Account Admin > Settings > Custom Integration screen changes.  Click “Approve”.

  1. Congratulations, the Ideate IBM 360 Dashboard App is connected.  Cards can now be created.

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