Advanced Features

Advanced Features


Purpose: The BIM Manager (or other Account Admin) wants to give users a visualization card.



  1. Card creator creates the card to share.
  2. Select customize gear (upper right hand of Home Page).

  1. Click on gear and select “Configure”.

  1. Copy the “Partner URL”.  Best practice is to use Ctrl+A (copy all) and Ctrl+C (copy).  This is an unique URL

  1. The unique URL can be shared with users who have permission access.  The receiver (user) needs to complete the following steps (from Getting Started):
    1. Project > Project Home Page
    2. Add a Partner Card
      1. Select Customize in the top right of screen.
      2. Select Card Library
      3. Add Card — Save Card
      4. Configure Card
    3. Login and authorization from Autodesk.









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