Manage Sheet/View Sets

Ideate BIMLink can be used to manage Revit Sheet/View Sets easily and quickly. From the Ideate BIMLink main dialog, choose New… to create a new Ideate BIMLink definition, and browse to the sample Library Links included with the Ideate BIMLink installation.

Under the 01 Beyond Schedules folder, you can select on Sheet_Sets or View_Sets to create an Ideate BIMLink definition. The Sheet_Sets Ideate BIMLink definition will have the default category set to Sheets and it will include a list of all non-Placeholder Sheets within your Revit project.

The View_Sets Ideate BIMLink definition will have the default category set to Views and it will include a list of all Views, excluding Schedules, within your Revit project.

These Ideate BIMLink definitions will generate a new property for each existing Sheet/View Set within the current project. This Sheet/View Set property will then be included with a list of Sheets or Views within the project. Using the live dynamic editing, you can check the box to include or exclude the specific Sheet or View for the desired Sheet/View Set.  This is automatically updating the Sheet/View Set definition stored within the Revit project.

Once exported to Excel, instead of having a colored checkbox, it will have TRUE to include a Sheet or View within the Set or FALSE to exclude a Sheet or View from the Set.

When you first create the Ideate BIMLink definition, it will automatically generate a new property for each Sheet/View Set already created within your Revit project.   If you create a new Sheet/View set from Revit as shown here, you can now add that property to your existing Ideate BIMLink definition. Within the Snowdon Sample Architecture project, I have created a new “Arch – Design Development” Sheet/View Set.

Returning to Ideate BIMLink, the newly created Sheet/View Set is not automatically added to our list of properties to manage within our link definition. However, we can easily add it by choosing Sheet-View Sets from the Select available properties from dropdown as shown. Double click on the Sheet/View Set name to add it to the Linked Properties definition. You can also choose the Add button once the property is selected on the Available properties list.

The Select available properties from will show Sheet-View Sets if you have any Ideate BIMLink definition where the main Revit category is Sheet or View. Updating the included or excluded Sheets or Views for each Revit Sheet/View Set, either using the Ideate BIMLink dialog or Excel, will automatically update the Sheet/View Set stored within the Revit project. 

When reviewing Sheet Sets in Ideate BIMLink, it may be very useful to also include the Revision/Issuance sequence property as shown below. This would allow you to align the sheets that are part of the Design Development Issuance with what should be printed.


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