Export Multiple Links Into the Same Excel File

If you are interested in publishing multiple BIMLink links to the same Excel file i.e. in order to edit Type and Instance Parameters for the same category or perform health check reviews, then the following example will guide you through the process.

In this example shown below we are interested in exporting editable Mechanical Equipment Type data and editable Mechanical Equipment Instance data.

Ideate BIMLink will recognize that the Excel file you selected already contains a worksheet and asks if you want to insert your selection as a new worksheet. Choose the “Insert a new worksheet” option here. 

Once the exports are complete, the results will look like this:

From here the data review and edits are the same process as Excel files with single worksheets. When pulling the changes back into the Revit model using Ideate BIMLink, you will select the Excel file that contains the multiple worksheets and choose which worksheet tab to pull in. Repeat the process for each worksheet of data you want to bring back into the Revit model. If you find yourself needing to export multiple links to the same file on a regular basis, you may want to consider using Ideate Automation for BIMLink to expedite this process.

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