Create a Model Health Check

Failure to manage the health of your Revit project could result in poor performance, slow synchronization times and model crashes, which can lead to delays, file corruption and missed deadlines. Keeping your Revit model healthy is essential to any successful project. A healthy model will prevent crashes from happening, ensure all the correct data is contained within the model and will be efficient and productive to work on.

In this topic we will demonstrate how to use Ideate BIMLink to setup a comprehensive Revit Model Health Check and publish to a single Excel file with relevant information about the health of the selected Revit model.

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How is an Ideate Health Check unique?

The ideate suite of software has many tools that can review and audit the health of a Revit project. Ideate BIMLink has many pre-defined QA and QC link definitions, Ideate Explorer can help you interrogate your models and assist with models audits, Ideate StyleManager can help review, purge and merge unwanted or unused styles and with Ideate Automation you can automate the extraction of data from the model to speed up and standardize the outputs of your model health check data.

How to Create a Health Check Report?

Ideate BIMLink is delivered with many Health Check link definitions that can be exported from the Revit Model. Each link can be exported to the same excel file to build a comprehensive health check.

standard health check links from Ideate BIMLink

Each link definition has a description to show exactly what the Link contains.

Ideate BIMLink health check description

Here is a list of just a few of the pre-defined health check link definitions that ship with Ideate BIMLink and their descriptions.


Description: Audit for dimension overrides - this applies to single-segment dimensions only. When this is empty, the project is healthier. Find dimensions that have been overridden

Why does this matter: Dimension that are overridden can sometimes be used to hide inaccuracies in the model, which is a liability.


Description: List of all CAD Imports. Consider training staff to use Imports sparingly, if ever. Linked files are preferred. NOTE: Linked CAD files are filtered out.

Why does this matter: Imported CAD files can cause performance and legibility issues within the model and bloat the model with unwanted styles and other content

HC-Level Survey

Description: Audit the relative Level values across linked files by comparing the survey coordinate Z values. Other properties including Scope Box and Is Pinned are also included

Why does this matter: Wrong or incorrect level information can lead to coordination issues with other project stakeholders.


Description: List of user-defined worksets and Properties.

Why does this matter: Objects on the wrong Workset can causing display and legibility issues within the issued documentation

To create a report:

  1. First add all the link definitions to your project. Multi-select all the link definitions and click Next.

  1. From here you can export the link definitions to a single excel file. After clicking Export, browse to a location to save the file and create an excel file for all the link definitions to be exported into.

  1. Then export the next Link definition to the same excel file.

  2. Click Export and chose the Excel file that has just been created. When prompted, click Insert a new worksheet.

  1. Repeat until all the Health check link definitions have been exported to the same Excel file. The resulting Excel file has a separate tab for each of the exported BIMLink Health Check link definitions.


Once the excel has been created the excel can be formatted using Pivot tables and macros to display the information more efficiently. Or the data can be pushed into PowerBi to create a more visual interpretation.

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Customizing the Report

In some circumstances it may be necessary to create custom link definitions to report on data that is not contained within the out-of-the-box link definitions. So, you can create custom Links Definitions and save these to a specific folder. In the example below, a multi category link has been created to check project data such as COBie requirements.

It is also possible to create multiple link definitions and save them to a folder on your server or C: Drive then load these links when you want to run the health check. For further customization, you can copy existing Ideate BIMLink, link definitions to add to your current health check

Related topic: Use Ideate Automation to Create a Health Check Report

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