Create New Spaces from Linked Rooms

Ideate BIMLink allows the creation of new placed spaces in Revit using data from an Excel spreadsheet specifying the number, name, X & Y coordinates, and the level. This functionality makes it possible to export room data from a linked file so that the same data can then be used, and modified if desired, to create spaces based in the same location within the parent file. 

See the video for examples or follow the exercise below to learn how to quickly create new Spaces from Rooms via ideate BIMLink.

To create newly placed spaces in your MEP file which are based upon rooms that exist in a linked Architecture file:

  1. Ensure that one of these conditions are true:
    - The child (Arch) file has been linked into the parent (MEP) file with the origin-to-origin options and has not been rotated or moved afterwards
    - The parent (MEP) file and the child (Arch) files are using Shared Coordinates
  2. Launch Ideate BIMlink and select the New button.
  3. Browse to the Ideate BIMLink >Create Elements folder and select the library links named Rooms-to-Spaces and Rooms-to-Spaces_CREATE
  4. Export both link definitions to the SAME Excel spreadsheet.
  5. Within the Excel file, copy the needed Room information from the Room-to-Spaces worksheet tab over to the Rooms-to-Spaces_CREATE worksheet tab.
  6. Fill out column A (Element ID) with the word NEW, and then import the Rooms-to-Spaces_Create worksheet tab back into Revit via Ideate BIMLink. Copying the same coordinate information from the Room locations will allow Ideate BIMLink to create placed Spaces in the same location. 

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