Ideate Automation is a scripting solution for use with Ideate Software solutions. The value of this solution is in silently running Revit in the background to execute a variety of Ideate Software workflows. Ideate Automation is designed to work with Revit while in Viewer mode for any tasks that do not require a change to the model (data exports).

Ideate Automation is available at no cost to Ideate Software Enterprise customers. For more information about our enterprise offerings, contact

Ideate Automation for BIMLink

Setup Instructions

  1. This will only work with the latest version of Ideate BIMLink. If needed, download and install the latest versions of Ideate BIMLink for Revit.
  2. Download and install Ideate Automation which will work with Revit version 2018 and forward.

Getting Started

We recommend reviewing each of the videos below, starting with the first to see how the built-in scripts work. Please contact our support team to request the sample Revit and Excel files to follow along with some of the examples. NOTE: This solution does not yet work with BIM 360 files.


START HERE: Example #1 – Automate a Document Issue Record (DIR) – Video Overview

We recommend that you begin your testing with this simple example. In this example we use a built-in script called “BIMLink DIR Update” to automatically create a document issue record to show all the sheets and the related revisions across a project.


Example #2 – HealthCheck Data Export – Video Overview

In this example we use a built-in script called “BIMLink HealthCheck Export” to automatically create an Excel file with multiple tabs per each link definition that exists in the (brand new) Health Check folder within Ideate BIMLink.


Example #3 – Export Link (QTO example) – Video Overview

In this example we will use a built-in script called “BIMLink Export Link” to automatically load then export data from a specified BIMLink definition. This sample references the QTO Link but can be changed. This workflow is designed to work well when a workbook with an existing Excel pivot table is already setup. You can use the sample Excel file provided upon request.


Example #4 – COBie Data Drops – Video Overview

To test this example of exporting all of the specified links to one Excel file please reference the sample Revit file provided upon request, which contains the required shared parameters.

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