Before creating any tasks we recommend that you first review this topic: Manage Files

Create new tasks in Ideate Automation Topics in this Section

sample scripts for Ideate Automation for Revit

Select a Script

Select the Create option within Ideate Automation at the left to see the Task Script Selection dialog as shown above. The list of tasks displayed here are those that are specified within Settings. Under the Library Folder pane, select a folder or subfolder to review the tasks list within each selected folder. When you select the \Automation\03 Publishing folder, for example,  you will see four scripts displayed at the right. If you select the one called AUT-Export-PDF-List you will see the description listed at the bottom of the dialog as shown here:

Task description

Read the description carefully to ensure your setup includes access to the required software. After picking a script, select the Next button to then edit the variables.

Edit Variables

Each Ideate Automation script will have one or more variables. In the example below the script called ISW-Health_Check-PowerBI has four variables displayed: Revit Files, Export Location, Export File Name, and a True/False option to Include Annotation Issues. The default value for the Exported File Name is part of the script but it can be modified by the user on this page. For example, the ${today.yyyMMdd}_ could be deleted. This would leave the resulting Excel file names to match the name of the selected Revit files and then a suffix of _Ideate_PowerBI.xlsx.

After filling in all variables, select Next to proceed to the the Confirm Task Selections dialog.

Edit script variables

Confirm Task

Before you finalize and start the task you will want to confirm all variables and the task name (#1) which is editable. A default task name will be provided by the script, but  you may want to edit this name to keep it distinct within the list as shown on the Home page.

The Command pane at the bottom of this dialog also contains the pertinent information needed to create a scheduled task. You can right-click in this area (#2) to copy the text as needed. This same text will also be available after the task is completed on the Home page.

When you have confirmed all values, and have closed any open sessions of Revit, select Save and Run. You will be returned to the Home page where you’ll see the new task in the task list. The progress bar will display while the task is running. Do not use the version(s) of Revit that are required for the task while the task is running.

confirm the task name

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