Performance Tips

Review the tips & recommendations below to ensure your Automation tasks are executed with speed and reliability needed to to best support your Revit workflows.

Improving the Task Execution Speed

The speed with which a task is executed depends almost entirely on the performance of the Windows host. Automation is designed to allow for very long running tasks (hours), but there are a few things you can do to speed things up if need be.

Energy Conservation Tips

Most computers have Power and Battery settings which can be used to minimize energy consumption when the computer is not being actively used. Settings associated with the screen are not relevant to the functioning of Ideate Automation and can be set to optimize energy savings. Settings related to sleep/hibernation may impact Ideate Automation performance as described below.

What happens if a task begins and then the computer falls into sleep mode?

If the length of a task exceeds the sleep mode time period, it is possible that the machine will go to sleep. If this happens, Ideate Automation will be able to resume the task after it wakes up. If you are dedicating a machine/virtual machine to Ideate Automation tasks, we recommend setting the sleep mode to “Never”. Otherwise, for ad hoc usage we recommend that you set the sleep mode to correspond to your longest average task. Which might be 20 minutes or 2 hours for longer tasks such as PDF exports. Refer to the Task List on the Home Page for details on your typical task usage times.

What happens if a scheduled task begins when the computer is already in sleep mode?

If the computer is already in sleep mode, the scheduled Ideate Automation task will wake the computer up and begin when the computer is on AC power.

What happens if a scheduled task should begin but the computer is turned off?

It’s common to use Ideate Automation to schedule a Revit file open to occur at the beginning of the workday. If a task is scheduled, for example, to begin at 7:30am but the computer is not turned on until 8am, by default the task will not be executed later on. The PC should be set to go to sleep mode instead, or the default task setting can be overridden in Windows Task Scheduler:


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