Understanding Log Files

When a completed task is selected from the Task List, the Open Log Location button will become enabled and can be used to access a log file associated with the last task created with that same name.

Send Task Log to Support

The task log files may be requested by the technical support team to diagnose any problems you may be having with Ideate Automation. To send a task log to support:

  1. Re-create the automation problem so that the problem task is last in your list of tasks. Note that a completed task only means that all steps were attempted. Learn more about the task status under Completed vs Failed Tasks
  2. Select the problem task from the list then use the Open Log Location button to see the latest task log. 
  3. Copy the task.log file into an email to [email protected] if you are having problems with Ideate Automation along with a brief description of the problem you are having.

Completed vs Failed Tasks

The task list is located at the bottom of the Home page and will display any tasks that have been started from within the Ideate Automation application while it remains open. As each task is completed the Start Time and Duration of the task will be listed, along with the Status and Date fields. The status options are either Completed, Running, or Failed.


Indicates that the script was able to walk through each step defined within the script without stopping. For example, a script that includes printing 5 different projects as PDFs will list its status as Completed if an attempt is made to open and export the pdf for each file listed. If one of the files is an unsupported Revit version, for example, that file will fail, but the script will be able to continue to the next file until each file is attempted.


Indicates that the script was not able to complete every step successfully. For example, all scripts require Revit to launch and open a file. If the Revit file has been moved, or renamed the task would fail as expected since it cannot find the file to do the work on.

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