Known Issues

The following known issues have been identified in Ideate Automation. If you encounter anything that is not listed here, please first check that you are running the latest release. If you are, we would appreciate a report about any unwanted behavior, as well as suggestions for improvements or new features to [email protected]

Autodesk Cloud (BIM 360) Login Error

An issue has been reported that on some virtual machines the MS WebView2 Runtime may not be installed or may be disabled to save resources. In this case the Autodesk Cloud login will fail. Please review the article here for more info and download links for the component:

Revit Pop-Up Messages

Ideate Automation is designed to suppress all Revit pop-ups where feasible as described on the Pop-up Suppression page. There are some known conditions where these pop-ups cannot be suppressed and therefore will interrupt Ideate Automation. 

Bentley ProjectWise Addin

The Bentley ProjectWise Addin is available for multiple versions of Revit and causes Ideate Automation scripts to fail. The workaround is to uninstall this addin. Related Autodesk topic: Unable to open Revit file after installing ProjectWise.

BIMLink IBLGetLinks Fails to Import Similar Link Name

The IBLGetLinks command option to import a link when it does not exist uses a simple “Contains” search on the name instead of using the “exact match”. This means, for example, that if a project contains a link called “Sheets 1” but the Ideate Automation scripts includes command option to import “Sheets”, it will not be imported due to the presence of “Sheets 1”. The workaround is to either use the advanced command option to “overwrite” or to ensure that no other loaded link definitions contain the full matching word (e.g. “Sheets1” instead of “Sheets 1”).

Export fails because of invalid characters

Certain characters that are not allowed in file names can still be used in Revit as part of parameters. The most common example is a “/” when used in sheet or view names. When running a task that would result in a file named based on such parameter (e.g DWG or PDF export), there will be no file created, and the log will indicate an error listing ‘invalid characters’.

Unnamed Task in the Task History

Tasks created in previous versions of Automation or tasks where the script file was edited by the end user may be labelled as ‘Unnamed Task’ in the Automation Task History. These tasks may still function correctly in every aspect, but they are missing the ‘task name’ property first introduced in Automation 3.0. Recreating the task using the latest built-in script version would add the correct property. For help with custom scripts, please reach out to [email protected].

 Language Support for Built-In Scripts — Fixed in v2.1

If Revit was run in a non-English language just prior to running an Automation task, the Revit language setting is retained. Currently the built-in scripts expect English language and can encounter issues where certain outputs are based on Revit parameters and these parameters are not named in English (e.g. Project Name). An example of this issue would be the Excel file produced by the script would be created as “...${Revit.CurrentFile.ProjectInfo.Project….xlsx” 

The following scripts are known to be affected: AUT-Revit File Data; IBL-Multi_Export; IBL-Export_Project_Link_Definitions. 

An Automation task fails if it cannot accurately ascertain the version of the Revit model — Fixed in 3.0

Known causes and workarounds:

Note: The Recent Files list is imported from Revit on every Automation launch, but an Automation task DOES NOT change its contents. In other words, running Automation tasks will not push old files off the Recent Files list.

 Unable to edit a Scheduled task

Scheduled tasks created by the user directly in Windows Task Scheduler have very limited edits allowed to them through the Automation UI. For security purposes, Windows only allows the original creator (or the user directly) to edit a scheduled task. You can use the Clone command onthe Task History to recreate the task as a native Automation 3.0 version.

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