Sample Content

Ideate Automation ships with sample content for the respective Ideate Software product including .testdef script files. These files are installed here by default: C:\Program Files\Ideate\Ideate Automation\en-US\Samples and can be re-pathed to other locations as described in the Help Topic: Configure Ideate Automation. Additionally you can edit the script file with Notepad or Notepad++ to customize the default naming and path locations. To learn more, review Basic Scripting with Ideate Automation

Each script file is named to identify the related product and includes some other acronyms as follows. 

Product Acronyms

IBL — Ideate BIMLink

To learn about the details of each Ideate BIMLink-specific script file, see the Help Topic: Ideate BIMLink Automation Samples

STL — Ideate StyleManager

Ideate Automation can be used by those who have a subscription of Ideate StyleManager.

The script called STL-Analyze_Imports_Project is used by Ideate StyleManager to report on loaded Revit families that have CAD-based content impacting the Object Styles of the Revit project. The results will reference any family loaded into the project that has the “Imports in Families” condition under Object Styles. The action item for these families is to use Ideate StyleManager on those .RFA files to prevent future problems.

SPL — Ideate SpellCheck

Ideate Automation can be used by those who have a subscription of IdeateApps, which includes Ideate SpellCheck.

The script called SPL-All_Sheets is used by Ideate SpellCheck to check the spelling of the text and schedule data within all the views that are placed onto a sheet within the project. The results are a summary level report indicating the number and type of errors.

Other Acronyms

MP — Multiple projects

This is an indication that the script file is designed to iterate the tasks across multiple Revit files.

MX — Multiple Excel files 

This is an indication that the script file is designed to produce multiple Excel file outputs per each Revit file.

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