Schedule a Task

Use the Microsoft Windows Task Scheduler tool to schedule Ideate Automation tasks to run daily or weekly without user interaction.

Review the Getting Started with Ideate Automation video for details on how to create an automation task. The script is shown in the image below.

Next step: Create a Windows Task

Ideate Health Check scripts within Ideate Automation

Create a Windows Task

The work described below should be done on a machine where Revit is installed. Additionally the machine must have a cached Revit subscription login. To start the Windows Task Scheduler go to the Start and type “scheduler” as shown, then follow these instructions:

  1. Create a Basic Task
  2. Add a name and description then select Next.
  3. On the Trigger tab, specify the frequency of the task (e.g. Weekly) or select another trigger event. 
  4. Next set up the details of the trigger event such as the day and time of day for the task and select Next.
  5. On the Action tab, select Start a Program, then select Next.
  6. For the Program/Script value paste this information, including the quotes: "C:\Program Files\Ideate\Ideate Automation\IdeateTaskController.exe"
  7. For the Add arguments, either type in the desired text (assuming you are a programmer) OR, use one of the methods below to copy the script to your clipboard.

Next step: Copy the Ideate Automation Script

Windows Task Scheduler

Copy the Ideate Automation Script

Copy the script to your clipboard by right-clicking on a previously run task as shown below.

Copy the script command

You can alternately copy the script from the Confirm page of the Create wizard.

Complete the Windows Task

After copying the script to the clipboard, paste the results into the “Add Arguments” text box. Before completing the task creation, check the “Open the Properties dialog...” option and then select Finish. Review the options available on both the General and Settings tabs and make changes as appropriate. The task is now scheduled and can be edited later from the Task Library.


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