Use Dynamic Sheet/View Lists

With Ideate Automation + BIMLink, you can create Dynamic Lists of Sheets and/or Views based on built-in or custom Revit parameters and Ideate BIMLink properties. Once you’ve created the BIMLink inside of your Revit model, you can point Ideate Automation tasks to use the dynamic list of sheets/views saved in the Revit model to automatically generate PDF files or other exports.

Examples of the types of Dynamic Sheet Lists you can create within BIMLink for use with Ideate Automation include:

Though not as common as Sheet Lists, Dynamic View Lists can be created within BIMLink for other formats whose data output does not include Revit sheet-based information. A good example of this case can be found in the How To guide named Export to NWC.

Create a Filtered Sheet List

Use Ideate BIMLink to define a list of sheets by using the Filter and Sorting tabs. In this example we will create a list that is defined by a sheet numbering requirement. The example file from Autodesk is being used: rst_basic_sample_project.rvt.

Open Ideate BIMLink from the Ideate Software tab to create a new link definition based on sheets.

Use Filters to refine the list of sheets.

With these settings in place, if a new sheet S207 was added to the Revit model, it would automatically appear in this dynamic sheet list and be part of the next print set.

Other Filter Examples

All sheets that are part of a specific revision/issuance

​​​​​​To filter on a Revision/Issuance Sequence, use the Other Properties option and select the appropriate revision sequence name (search for seq), then use the Condition of is equal to with a value of “TRUE”.

Any sheet not yet reviewed (Checked By is blank)

Checked By is a built-in project parameter for Sheets. It can be used to create a list of Sheets that need review. Find it listed in Other Properties… and select a condition of does not have a value set to create this dynamic sheet list.

Set the Sort Order — PDF Combined

If you are using Revit 2023+ and want to control the sort order of the sheets within a combined PDF export, follow the instructions below. In Revit 2022, the sorting will be ignored and Revit will publish the sheet list sorted by the Sheet Number.

Switch to the Sorting tab 

  1. Add one or more properties to control the sort order.
    • In this example, The properties named Sheet Group and Sheet Sort are both custom Project Parameters that are being used in conjunction with the built-in Parameter of Sheet Number
    • If there’s a property that you’re not seeing, you may need switch to the BIMLink Properties tab to add that property to the list. It will then display when you return to the Sort tab
  2. Save the Revit file to save this link definition within the project.

Now this saved Sheet/View List can be called on by a number of different publishing related scripts in the Sample Content as well as directly here in How To: Export to PDF.


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