Automate DIR

Ideate Automation can be used with Ideate BIMLink to automatically create and publish weekly document issuance records that look like the image below. This process of merging the sheet and revision/issuance dates into a single matrix can be extremely error prone and time consuming when done manually. Using the script called “IBL-Document_Issuance” or “IBL-Document_Issuance-List” can completely automate this task to provide accurate data back to your team.

Document Issues Properties

Ideate BIMLink subscribers may request the macro template referenced in the scripts below from our support team. 

Before launching this script it is useful to place the macro excel file in the specified folder location (#2, below) so that it can be updated with the new data.

To create an document issue record for one or more Revit files, follow the instructions below.

  1. Close Revit if it is still open. Before we launch Ideate Automation we need to ensure that the required Revit versions are not in use.
  2. Launch Ideate Automation from the Desktop or shortcut.
  3. From the Home page, select the New button to create a new task.
  4. From the Ideate Software Scripts folder, select the folder called 05 Revision Management, then pick the script at the right called “IBL-Document_Issuance”.
  5. Review the description of this task below, then pick Next.
  6. Set the task script variables:
  1. Select Create and Run to launch the script.

This script will launch the correct version of Revit based on your Revit file selection, then open that Revit file, launch Ideate BIMLink, load the link definitions found within the 05 Revision Management folder, and then use the Export function to create or update an Excel file matching the name specified. When done it will close out Revit. 

*TIP: BIM 360/ACC users can use this type of folder syntax to export the data to the respective BIM 360/ACC projects: %userprofile%\ACCDocs\${${revit_file}~Hub Name:OrEmpty}\${${revit_file}~Project Name:OrEmpty}\Project Files\DIR

Learn more on this Help Topic: Basic Scripting with Ideate Automation


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