Automate DIR

Ideate BIMLink subscribers may request the macro template referenced in the scripts below from our support team. 

Before launching this script it is useful to place the macro excel file in the specified folder location (#2, below) so that it can be updated with the new data.

To use this link:

  1. Browse to pick a Revit file. This script works well with local, published, and cloud models because it allows the export folder location to be defined separately from the Revit file location.
  2. Select a folder location for the Excel export. For cloud models you may want to browse to the corresponding BIM 360 Desktop Connector location of the project.
  3. Review the name of the exported file. This script is designed to overwrite the Ideate BIMLink custom macro template. 
  4. Review the location of the revision links needed. If your Ideate BIMLink content is customized, you may need to browse to that location.
  5. Select Create and Run to launch the script.

This script will launch the correct version of Revit based on your Revit file selection (#1 below), then open that Revit file, launch Ideate BIMLink, load the Revisions and “Revisions_on_Sheet” link definitions and then use the Export function to create or update an Excel file matching the name specified. When done it will close out Revit. 

NOTE: This script uses “link_source” instead of “link_path” because there are two explicit Ideate BIMLink definitions that are being referenced by this script. Learn more on this Help Topic: Basic Scripting with Ideate Automation

Automate Ideate BIMLink for Revit sheet issuance records

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