What's New in Ideate Automation

November 2023 Release (3.1 Update)

The November 2023 release of Ideate Automation includes an important fix to support a change to Single Sign-On (SSO) behavior. Prior to this fix the Refresh List process was not able to complete. This also includes fixes to all file export scripts, such as PDF, DWG, etc. to support writing to folders with commas. Dynamic scripts, such as IBL-Export_PDF_Combined_Dynamic were also changed to set the default to match the best practice of importing the BIMLink definition from an external location, rather than from the version saved within the file.

October 2023 Release (3.0 Update)

Ideate Automation 3.0 addresses many customer requests for improvements, fixes, and most importantly, for new workflows.  All improvements, unless otherwise noted, are designed to support Revit versions 2020-2024.

This version has limited backwards compatibility and tasks created under previous versions may not work. If you are migrating from version 2.1, we recommend:

General Improvements

In this release, the Ideate Automation Task History information, which is displayed on the Home page, is preserved across sessions of Ideate Automation. This change makes it’s much easier to Repeat or Clone a task that was run a few days/weeks earlier. Additionally, Automation tasks can now be run simultaneously while the same version of Revit is being used, eliminating any disruption to normal Revit production work.

The Refresh File List tool (formerly known as Sync Files) has been redesigned to allow a refresh on a per-project basis from your BIM360/ACC hubs/accounts as shown below. This targeted file access allows you to get up and running more quickly, only focusing on your relevant projects, and allowing you to quickly add new projects from your own or any shared hub.

Ideate Automation 3.0 includes new in-product task scheduling, making it much easier to Create, Delete, or Export scheduled tasks.

Numerous improvements have been made to many of the scripts. These changes are designed to make it easier to customize the script without using a text editor. This means that some scripts that have the same name as in Automation 2.1 may have amended scripts. Look for the script requirements, shown in yellow below.

New Workflows

New workflows are supported by one or more matching Automation scripts. Refer to the list below for details on the new scripts that are now available.

Automation Scripts

These new scripts require only a license/trial version of Ideate Automation to run.

\01 General
\03 Publishing
\04 File Maintenance
Ideate Software Scripts

Ideate Software scripts require a license of Ideate Automation and one or more Ideate Software plug-ins.


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