What's New

September 2021 Release (1.3 Update)

This release was made in support of Ideate Explorer and includes three new scripts to highlight the newly supported commands. This release also includes a modified version of the document issuance record (DIR) script called “IBL-MP-DIR-CopyTemplate” which is described under the related Ideate BIMLink script descriptions

This release is a pre-requisite of working with the Power BI template provided to subscribers.

June 2021 Release (1.3)

This release includes support for the new Autodesk file path name changes for the Desktop Connector from BIM 360 to ACC. It also includes script changes to correspond to folder name changes made within the May 2021 release of Ideate BIMLink.

Improved Performance

Through customer feedback we have refined the file opening behavior for extra-large files in this release. These projects will now complete their tasks instead of timing out. Additionally we fixed a bug related to handling UNC network paths – useful if you aren’t using named drives and haven’t moved everything to Autodesk Construction Cloud (ACC).

New Workflows

We have added a new command option to allow a ‘template’ file, such a pre-configured Excel file, from a source folder into a specified project folder. This functionality is designed to enhance common workflow such as the Document Issue Record and Health Check workflows. In this release we have also added access to both Ideate StyleManager and Ideate SpellCheck. Refer to Sample Content for details on these new scripts.

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