What's New

December 2022 Release (2.1 Update)

General Improvements

This release of Ideate Automation provides direct access to any of your BIM 360/ACC recently opened Revit files, without requiring the Autodesk Custom Integration. While the custom integration is still recommended for an optimum file access experience, this change makes it much easier to work with Revit files that are shared from your collaboration partner’s Autodesk account/hubs. It also allows you to use Ideate Automation without giving Ideate Software the BIM 360/ACC access permissions required for the custom integration.

New Workflows

This release includes the much requested ability to batch export Revit sheets and/or views to DWG file format for Revit versions 2020-2023+. File naming support includes short name, long name, and custom file naming conventions. Look for these new scripts and learn more in this topic: Publish to DWG

batch export to DWG with Ideate Automation

This release has also been designed to work with the Ideate Software Revit Model Health Check Power BI template as shown below.


June 2022 Release (2.0 Update)

This release of Ideate Automation represents significant improvements to performance, workflows, and BIM 360/ACC integration.

General Improvements

This release of Ideate Automation includes direct integration with Autodesk’s BIM 360 / Autodesk Construction Cloud platforms, leveraging the file security and access to your Revit files provided by Autodesk’s Forge APIs. In order to access your live cloud models with this version, refer to Autodesk Custom Integration.

Additionally, this release has many improvements that relate to stability, worksharing management, and pop-up suppression, ensuring that your largest files can be smoothly managed.

New Workflows

This release of Ideate Automation includes all new scripts which have been designed to support new workflows as noted below. If you are looking for your older script, please refer to this handy comparison chart for the corresponding new version.

Ideate Automation has been improved to support more of the Ideate products, including new content for IdeateApps>Annotate and Ideate StyleManager. Additionally this release includes support for exporting PDF files from Revit versions 2022 and forward. For details on all new workflows, please refer to the updated Sample Content help topic.

sample scripts for Ideate Automation for Revit


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