Getting Started with Ideate Automation

Ideate Automation is a Revit-based product that is licensed separately from other Ideate Software products and is used to automatically run Revit and execute on a variety of tasks. Whether you are trying out our no-cost trial or have a licensed version of Ideate Automation you should follow these steps to get started.
  1. Follow the steps below for the Open File Exercise to ensure proper setup of Ideate Automation.
  2. Complete the other exercises found within the Getting Started Guide.
  3. Optionally set up the Autodesk customer integration with our Ideate Cloud Connector to allow testing of your BIM360/ACC files.
  4. Learn about the top workflows for Automation within each of these separately licensed solutions: Ideate BIMLinkIdeate ExplorerIdeate StyleManager, and IdeateApps.

Open File Exercise

In this exercise, we will use the script named AUT-Open_RVT_Files to confirm that Ideate Automation can be used to open the correct version of Revit, and open the selected file.

Start a Task

  1. From your Desktop or Windows search, launch Ideate Automation.
  2. Select the Create option at the left to see the list of available scripts.
  3. In the Library Folders under Automation Scripts, select the 01 General folder.
  4. Pick AUT-Open_RVT_Files in the Scripts list on the right, then select Next.

open a Revit file automatically

Select a Revit File

  1. There are three variables associated with this script:
    • Revit Files: Lets you browse to a Revit file or files.
    • Use File List: A yes/no option for an Advanced Workflow. It will be disabled by default.
    • Open files with all worksets closed: A yes/no option.
  2. Select Browse to choose a Revit file.
    • From this dialog you can load any live cloud or local models that have been previously added to your local cache.
    • Select the Local Models option for this exercise.
    • Read more about Local versus Central Files
  3. If this is your first time using Ideate Automation, you will need to add one or more local files.
    • Select Manage.
    • From the Manage dialog, select Add Files and browse to: C:\Program Files\Autodesk\Revit 202x\Samples.
    • Select 1-3 Revit sample files from this folder. It may take a few seconds for them to display.
  4. Select Create Task Wizard on the left, pick the Browse button to select one of the recently added local files, then select Next.

confirm Ideate Automation task name

Review and Start Task

  1. Before starting any task you should always review the task name and the variables.
    • Notice that the default Task Name is the Script Name joined with the Revit File name.
    • You can rename the task to suit your preferences.
  2. Select the Save and Run to begin the task.
    • Revit will open in the correct Release Year per the file selected.
    • There will be a message on top of Revit informing you that automated processes are running.
    • Ideate Automation will show a progress bar. 
    • When the task reaches the end, the Status should display Completed.
    • If a task fails to complete, a different status will be displayed. You can view the task log to investigate further.

NOTE: You can repeat the process above with the Live Cloud Models option once you have completed the Ideate Cloud Connector integration.

Ready to learn more? Please also see: Getting Started Guide

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