Ideate Automation

Ideate Automation is a scripting solution for use with Ideate Software solutions. The value of this solution is in silently running Revit in the background to execute a variety of Ideate Software workflows. Ideate Automation is designed to work with Revit while in Viewer mode for any tasks that do not require a change to the model (data exports).

Ideate Automation is available at no cost to Ideate Software Enterprise customers. For more information about our enterprise offerings, contact our sales team.

Setup Instructions

Ideate Automation will work when the corresponding Ideate Software solution has an automation-enabled license. All Enterprise customers should contact our support team or any question about their existing license. Questions on trialing automation for other existing Ideate BIMLink customers should be directed to your account manager or to [email protected].

  1. Download and install “Ideate Automation Install.MSI” which will work with Revit version 2018 and forward — Setup Video.

  2. Ideate Automation also requires the latest version of Ideate Software to run.

Getting Started

Ideate Automation is designed per customer input to silently run Ideate Software solutions. At present it has been optimized to work with Ideate BIMLink as described in Automation for Ideate BIMLink

Do you use any Ideate Software solutions in a way that could benefit from automation? Here are some early examples of other potential workflows:

What’s your automation idea? Let us know how we can help.

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